Wednesday, 3 October 2012


RIP EDEBAMONA BLOG. Yes, you read correct.

Its the end of an era... Ive got bigger things to prepare for tho. Hope you'll all understand.

Thankyou for walking with me in my aim to sift through the bullshit in this country PNG, my home and my heart.

I have deleted all 160 posts, which included a now legendary rebuttal of a very senior Government Lawyer who drafted a very controversial Act of Parliament, also an original investigation that a so-called nationally owned rice firm set to take over the entire PNG Rice Market with the help of the Gavman was actually owned by an international fugitive.

Ive enjoyed standing at the edge of the Information flow with the Edebamona Blog. Thanks so much for standing with me.

Special thanks to Martyn Namorong and the psychopaths namely the Alien, Baz, Dearest Eff, Raks, ClaireOh, Andrew Pascoe, Howard, Poin, Maureen and everyone west of Milchen Aben.

To my anonymous blogger friends, Tarvurvur and his Garamut, Paul Reinbara (muddy face boy) of PNG Blogs and Buai Seller of PNGExposed.

To my facebook friends, especially those who very vocally appreciated the blog including and not limited to Eva Ortlauf Tekwie, Serena Sasingan, Joe Apo and the Honourable Michael Malabag MP

To the Crisis Group, ID PNG, Gordon Wafimbi, Nathan Dingu, Lilian Wafimbi, Sally Tadabe, Cybele Druma and gang.

Special shout-out to Uncle Reginald Renagi and Chris Salum for your hardcore support for our efforts

Another special mention to the folks at Sharp-Talk, The Truth As It Is PNG and The Talking Edge.

Finally a special shout-out to newly-weds Ganjiki and Rosanee Oli Wayne. May yous have a happy and fulfilling life together... thanks for the wisdom, TT.

It is time for me to look forward to the next part of my journey, and I guess i cant do that confidently with Edebamona Blog still online. So this is goodbye. Damn, i got something in my eye. Lol.

There was delusion, then disillusionment, then, then, then life goes on. The challnge is to never forget. May we never forget those things we need to not forget.

With Regards,

Nou Vada, the Edebamona Blogger

Monday, 16 April 2012


By Nou Vada via

UNITECH is in a state of chaos.

Vehicles burnt. Classes boycotted. School locked down.

Chancellor Philip Stagg's Official Vehicle burnt by students 

Students found out this week that newly appointed Vice Chancellor Dr. Albert Schram, formerly of the Maastrict University in the Netherlands, was sacked by the UNITECH Council for reasons as yet not known.

There is wide speculation from students that Dr. Schram was sacked after he uncovered widespread mismanagement and corruption on the part of other administrators of one of Papua New Guinea's biggest Universities.The speculation is that the sacking of Dr. Schram was initiated by UNITECH's Chancellor Philip Stagg.

Dr. Albert Schram, the sacked Vice Chancellor of UNITECH

There is as yet no official statement from UNITECH's Council, which is the highest Governing body of the University, to address the speculation.

Today UNITECH students went on the rampage and set fire to a number of official vehicles including Chancellor Stagg's official Vehicle and the Registrar of students' 15 seater bus in anger over the surprise sacking of the Vice-Chancellor.

It is understood by this blogger that students are in a lock-down at Taraka Campus and the main gates are closed and no-one is walking around. It is understood also that classes have been boycotted and a 48 hour ultimatum has been given to the Council to reverse its decision and for Council members to resign. It is not clear what the students will do if the Council does not comply.

Bus vandalised with the words "We want VC Dr. Schram"
It is also not clear if the actions of the students have been organised by the Student Representative Council.

Funnily enough, there appears to be an information blackout on the part of the Students. Numerous attempts by this blogger to verify conflicting reports and get situation reports on the ground at Taraka have been met with statements like "No comment".

As a fellow tertiary student at UPNG, this blogger has appealed to UNITECH students to break the silence now:



While the entire local media is poised and focused to events transpiring at the Courts, the Parliament and the Police Precincts here in the Nation's Capital, UNITECH is in a state of chaos, and with this prolonged silence, the rest of the nation is confused as to what's happening.

It is understood that at approximately 4pm 17/04/2012 the Vice-Chancellor addressed students at a meeting, though it is not clear yet what exactly the meeting was about.

The next two days will be very interesting indeed for UNITECH.

Students mobilizing at the main gate at UNITECH (coming soon)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

What the Obama Doctrine means for Papua New Guinea - Part 1

US President Barack Obama’s speech at Canberra just about a month ago is perhaps the biggest foreign policy shift the US has committed to in recent history.  The Obama Doctrine, as enunciated in that speech effectively takes the American agenda in the world from the Middle East and Europe to the Asia-Pacific region; needless to say there are great implications for Papua New Guinea in this story.

President Obama said that the US is “all in” regarding its placement in the future of the Asia Pacific region. According to Professor Geoffrey Garrett of the University of Sydney, America knows the history of the 21st century will be written in the Asia-Pacific. The US goal, as a “Pacific nation”, is to realise the “vast potential” of the region.

As another commentator put it, “The hardly subtle Obama spin is that China must "play by the rules of the road", and stop its "military advances". This Washington narrative implies a benign superpower - the US - intervening to protect an Asia under siege.”

The move is straight out of the pages of the Cold War and any good Historian will note that strategic militarization is the first signpost one encounters on the road to war. The Cuban Missile crisis is a lovely example.

In keeping with recent announcements from Secretary of State Clinton, Obama emphasised that American attention was now principally focused on the Asia Pacific region.

In Papua New Guinea, the Americans and the Chinese already have substantial economic footing. American Energy Giant ExxonMobil will be operating the much talked about Liquefied Natural Gas Project. Indeed the LNG Project is for Papua New Guinea, too big and too important to fail. And certainly for America, which is trying to establish now a firm presence in the Pacific, the LNG, and its potential failure presents a unique opportunity for the Yanks to place themselves in the biggest indigenous Pacific nation.

Now why should America do this? Why should a superpower make PNG, a Pacific country often mistaken to be in Africa, the centre of its attention? The question warrants cynicism. Luckily, the answer is rhetorical and honest-to-God. The reason why America should do this is the same reason why America has just set up military bases in Australia. The answer is China.

Chinese interests in Papua New Guinea are substantial. The most obvious interests, and ones that have caused great distress for Australia are projects operated by Chinese State-owned Enterprises. The Ramu Nico Project is one such interest. Already there has been uproar in Papua New Guinea over the PNG National Court’s allowing of the project’s operation despite the Court’s full acknowledgement of scientific assessment stating that the waste tailings that will be dumped in the sea of Madang will have catastrophic environmental consequences.

In his signature rhetoric, Obama highlighted that history may be “on the side of the free”, but as one commentator points out, all it really takes to see the delusion and the illusion of Obama’s particular statement is to ask an Arab housed at Guantanamo Bay about what “the side of the free” means; Washington can bend what it means to be free.

All that's left to do - like a good little christian nation - is to pray for our Papua New Guinea.

End of Part One
 Here are lyrics from Kanye West's Who will Survive in America (2009):

 We learned to our amazement untold tale of scandal.
Two long centuries buried in the musty vault,
hosed down daily with a gagging perfume.
America was a bastard the illegitimate daughter of the mother country
whose legs were then spread around the world
and a rapist known as freedom, free doom.

What does Webster say about soul?
All I want is a good home and a wife
and a children and some food to feed them every night.
After all is said and done build a new route to China if they'll have you.
Who will survive in America?
Who will survive in America?
Who will survive in America?
Who will survive in America?